Preparing for the Next Public Health Emergency

Public health is not just about pandemics but also about a wide range of threats that can affect the health and well-being of communities. In this April edition of the Domestic Preparedness Journal, practitioners share ways to prepare for the next public health emergency.

April 2024

Featured in this issue: Editor’s Note: Preparing for the Next Public Health Emergency by Catherine L. Feinman; The Missing Plague Vials by Robert C. Hutchinson; Primary Care Investments to Increase Community Resilience by Angie Im; Dungeons and Disasters: Gamification of Public Health Responses by Michael Etzel and Michael Prasad; Sustaining Those Working in Disasters by Jolie Wills; Mental Awareness to Enhance Preparedness by Andrew (Andy) Altizer; The “R” Word by George Schwartz; Key Bridge Collapse – Transportation Infrastructure and Global Supply Chain by Joseph J. Leonard Jr.; Week 2 – Restoring Infrastructure and Instilling Resilience by Joseph J. Leonard Jr.; and Interoperability During Mass Casualty Incidents by Charles J. Guddemi and Catherine L. Feinman.

Sustaining Those Working in Disasters

Woman in uniform walking with a notebook, seven other men and women sitting at computers and talking on phonesThose working in emergency response roles can face periods of prolonged stress, which takes a toll on their health and well-being. It is important to know how to support them before, during, and after emergencies and disasters. By taking a hazards approach, leaders and their teams will be better equipped to navigate immense pressure without succumbing to burnout.

The Missing Plague Vials

Unattended suitcase in the middle of a populated airport terminalA true story of missing bubonic plague vials, an airport bomb threat, and other suspicious activities again demonstrate continued national and homeland security vulnerabilities and threats. Perspectives may differ, but the concerns are real and provide an opportunity to learn and prepare.

Primary Care Investments to Increase Community Resilience

Surgical mask, stethoscope, syringe and four specimen vialsCommunity health centers are medical lifelines for millions of Americans. However, financial constraints and healthcare workforce challenges strain these critical resources. New initiatives and additional investments can help communities be more resilient and continue to meet community needs during a crisis.

Article Out Loud – The Missing Plague Vials

  Full article by Robert C. Hutchinson, an Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, April 17, 2024. In this featured article, an experienced federal agent shares a true story of […]

Mental Awareness to Enhance Preparedness

Red lightbulb with a brain on top and a cord laying underneathEmergency managers, public health officials, and first responders often stress the importance of physical fitness, but what about mental fitness? Without focused mental agility in even one of the emergency management phases, mistakes or subpar performance are likely. Learn about this author’s new acronym that can help prioritize mental health in the planning process.
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