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Relying on Good Fortune – Not an Acceptable Preparedness Strategy

When hundreds of people fall ill from a mysterious biological agent public health and law enforcement agencies work seamlessly to implement the established policies and enforce any necessary quarantine procedures that they have planned and trained for well in advance of the current threat At least that is what should

Ebola – Another Opportunity to Plan & Prepare

Three previous public health articles in the November 2013, March 2014, and July 2014 issues of the DomPrep Journal broadly examined serious pathogenic threats that are emerging and evolving around the world to assess preparedness levels before their possible arrival in the United States. Not long after the delivery of the July 2014 issue, the discussion

National Strategy for Biosecurity Threats

8220 Unexpected 8221 threats may not be so unexpected but rather foreseen threats that were not taken seriously Anthrax plague and smallpox were ongoing concerns even before the recent incidents that occurred on U S soil However local jurisdictions must plan for and be operationally prepared for such no notice

International Public Health Concerns – Not So Foreign

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome MERS Lassa fever and other pathogenic infections are just a few of the biothreats that recently have grabbed national attention in the United States What were once considered foreign diseases are not so foreign in a globalized economy As such a national strategy for biosurveillance must

Preparedness & Progress for Emerging Pathogenic Threats

Equipment plans and personnel are only as good as their ability to perform when needed When disaster strikes it is imperative that local state and federal levels of government emergency management volunteer organizations and healthcare coalitions are all operationally ready and trained to use all of the 8220 stuff 8221

Preparedness Training & Potential Liabilities

Preparing for any disaster is essential for an effective incident response However by failing to properly prepare and train employees agencies also are more vulnerable to potential liabilities Past legal cases and court rulings highlight the consequences that agencies have faced as a result of inadequate training practices Reduced funding

Black Swans – Preparing for Pandemic & Biological Threats

The first step in preparing for a 8220 Black Swan 8221 event is to confirm that it actually exists Once that is done it is important to recognize its potential impact implement the plans and strategies needed and understand the roles played by all stakeholders involved


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Article Out Loud – The Race to Interoperability

The Boston Marathon Bombing demonstrated the dedication commitment and strength of those who responded that day The lessons learned from that event continue to strengthen community resilience as participants gather to focus on building interoperability within and between jurisdictions

Article Out Loud – Local Security: The Forgotten Factor in Relief Operations

  By Joseph W. Trindal, An Article Out Loud Flashback from Domestic Preparedness, originally published on February 24, 2010. The 2010 earthquake in Haiti exposed many weaknesses in the local infrastructure. Learn how security gaps and concerns presented even more problems for the relief effort. Narrated by Elisa DeLeon. Listen

Article Out Loud – A Failure To Over-Communicate

  By Terry Hastings, An Article Out Loud Flashback from Domestic Preparedness, originally published on May 10, 2017. Emergency managers (and others) often fail to fully engage and educate the whole community. This 2017 article discusses the need to over-communicate and explore new ways to educate people. Narrated by Elisa

Article Out Loud – Healthcare and Public Health Sector Perspectives

The Healthcare and Public Health Sector is one of 16 sectors identified as critical infrastructure under the Cybersecurity 038 Infrastructure Security Agency According to the U S Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services National Health Expenditures NHE accounted for $4 3 trillion or 18 3 of the U S gross


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