An Editor’s Personal Journey to Emergency Preparedness

In honor of Women s History Month the March edition of the Domestic Preparedness Journal features articles by inspirational women who through their service and writing are instrumental in building more prepared and resilient communities The editor also shares her personal journey into emergency preparedness

Nation-State Threats – Preparing at All Levels

The February 2024 edition of the Domestic Preparedness Journal builds awareness of some of the nation s threats and vulnerabilities Discover protective measures and approaches for combating nation state threats and strengthening homeland security and national resilience

New Year’s Resolution – Stronger Communities

For many the first month of each year spurs a renewed energy for change and setting higher goals This January what New Year s resolution would make your community stronger and more resilient

Publisher’s Message: 25 Years of Domestic Preparedness

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary we honor the founding publisher Marty Masiuk and all the dedicated writers advisors and subscribers who contributed to and supported the publication over the years Preparing for whatever the future holds requires remembering the past setting new goals for the future and evolving to

Always Prepare for the Future, But Never Forget the Past

This September edition of the Domestic Preparedness Journal addresses these and other key preparedness efforts that should be considered when planning for future incidents Reflecting on the events of 9 11 consider the personal costs that emergency responders pay for serving their communities and develop mitigation strategies to reduce those

Three Puzzle Pieces That Increase Community Preparedness

This author reflects on his team s direct mission to New York in response to the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks commonly referred to as 9 11 to consider if communities are more prepared today than they were in 2001

Close to Home

This August 2023 issue of the Domestic Preparedness Journal focuses on several ways disasters can suddenly hit close to home and suggestions for mitigating potentially devastating consequences

Recruitment and Retention Panel Discussion

On August 3 2023 Domestic Preparedness hosted a panel of five emergency management professionals who discussed today s recruitment and retention challenges

Maintaining Planning Strategies for Evolving Threats

Research and evaluation help emergency preparedness professionals stay current on emerging threats new technologies and resource and training gaps The authors in this July edition of the Domestic Preparedness Journal share important research and lessons learned to assist in the planning process for any organization

Getting Ready for the Next Emergency

During an emergency it is common for communities comprising private citizens to large agencies to come to the aid of others It is imperative to be prepared now because emergencies will not wait for us to get ready

You’re the Leader. Now What?

  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that, as of May 8, the United States had experienced seven confirmed $1-billion weather/climate-related disasters in 2023. Three more storms that occurred in April may soon be added to that list. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 35 major


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