Multimodal Transportation Perspectives

Without transportation and communications emergency response can move at an uncomfortably slow pace enough so that life property and the environment may be unnecessarily compromised The integrated transportation network must be protected from threats and other risks

Energy Sector Perspectives

From the alarm clock that wakes people in the morning to the natural gas used to cook breakfast to the refined petroleum products powering vehicles for daily commutes the Energy Sector plays an integral role in daily life activities

The Race to Interoperability

The Boston Marathon Bombing demonstrated the dedication commitment and strength of those who responded that day The lessons learned from that event continue to strengthen community resilience as participants gather to focus on building interoperability within and between jurisdictions

Healthcare and Public Health Sector Perspectives

According to the U S Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services National Health Expenditures NHE accounted for $4 3 trillion or 18 3 of the U S gross domestic product Find out how the Healthcare and Public Health Sector s interdependencies can affect any community

Information Technology Sector Perspectives

The Information Technology Sector is one of 16 sectors identified as critical infrastructure under the Cybersecurity 038 Infrastructure Security Agency Domestic Preparedness invited subject matter experts to answer questions about this sector including how the sector and its interdependencies can affect any community

Water and Wastewater Sector Perspectives

The Cybersecurity 038 Infrastructure Security Agency defines the Water and Wastewater Systems Sector as one of 16 critical infrastructure sectors Read about this sector s numerous challenges in maintaining the high level of service necessary to the communities they serve

Cybersecurity in Hospitals and the Public Health Sector

Cyberattacks on healthcare systems affect millions of patients each year It is critical for agencies and organizations to build a culture of compliance and awareness for the system s security and the safety of the patients

Food and Agriculture Sector Perspectives

  The U.S. Food and Agriculture (FA) Sector is composed of complex production, processing, and delivery systems that can feed people and animals both within and beyond the boundaries of the United States. Beyond domestic food production, the FA Sector also imports many ingredients and finished products, leading to a

Data Sharing – A Necessary Public Safety Tool

Criminal activities are not limited to jurisdictional boundaries nor should the ability to share information collaboratively Cooperative data sharing within and between jurisdictions is essential for today s law enforcement demands As such law enforcement and other public safety agencies must work together to create a safer and more just

Technological Strategies for Organizational Leadership

Article Out Loud Integrating information technology (IT) into emergency management and public safety agencies involves balancing technological limitations with the organizational mindset. Finding this balance has been discussed in practice, academia, and across multiple disciplines, with friction sometimes emerging between the leadership mindset, staff, data, training, and implementation. For example,

Applications for a Newly Developed Risk and Resilience Tool

A new publicly available tool provides a window into how future climate realities could affect U S cities and towns Learn how planners and decision makers can get map based analyses driven by peer reviewed climate data using this free portal

Value of Enterprise Data Management in Emergency Management

An enterprise data management program emphasizes the importance of managing information as an asset and protecting it from misuse or loss Knowing the landscape of data and how to manage it is critical to an organization s recovery and sustainability after a disaster This article explains the need to coordinate


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