Swatting: Combatting a Lethal and Expensive Prank

May 3 2023 saw a rash of hoax calls claiming to report active shooters in schools across Tennessee While the calls initially affected the Middle Tennessee area the issue quickly moved to additional areas within the state affecting at least 16 schools on the same day Local state and federal

CBRN Response Capabilities and Identified Gaps

Despite advancements in field identification and classification of substances with advanced instrumentation and tools there is still a response gap regarding the proper decontamination of instruments and the people who use them Take steps now to bridge this gap

Hazmat on the Rail

Since February 3 2023 following the train derailment in East Palestine Ohio the public has closely followed reports and commentary by media outlets and elected officials This incident has become more controversial and publicized than others in recent years and has caused a public outcry for change

Crisis Standards of Care – A Mental Health Perspective

Crisis standards of care and sufficiency of care are topics of great controversy and debate in professional circles The reasons may be obvious to most Traditionally health care responders are trained and held to the standard of care of their profession when rendering aid Nothing less is acceptable The public

How One Town Stood Up to a Category 4 Storm

When Category 4 Hurricane Ian crossed Florida in September 2022 more than 4 million Florida homes and businesses lost power However one town kept the lights on and was spared the devastation the cities surrounding it faced With resilience and sustainability in mind this author shares the planning involved in

Beachie Creek Fire – A Practitioner’s Firsthand Account

When disaster strikes sometimes those trained to respond find themselves and their families fleeing from the fire Once their families are safe they jump back in to assist wherever needed This scenario happened to one emergency manager when the Beachie Creek wildfire engulfed surrounding Oregon communities with little warning

The Importance of Strong Leadership for a Unique Discipline

A transformational leadership style can help bridge relationship and communication gaps between leaders and other community stakeholders Learn how one young deputy fire chief learned from his past leadership missteps and honed his meta leadership skills which were essential in reconnecting communities when he became a state emergency manager

Building Strength in Workforce and Structure

Each person plays a critical leadership role from top leadership to frontline workers The authors in the December edition of the Domestic Preparedness Journal share various ways readers aka leaders can build strength and resilience within their workforces and structures

How Technology Systems Impact Critical Infrastructure

Operational technology systems that run many critical infrastructure functions are becoming more dependent on information technology As these worlds converge emergency preparedness professionals must address the related security challenges This article shares some lessons learned and uses a foundational knowledge of the topic to inspire possible solutions

Applying Environmental Design to Prevent Active Shooters

Active shooter trainings can help prevent some injuries and deaths However additional measures should also be taken to prevent the attack from occurring This article describes how to apply environmental design to thwart attackers

Implementing “Stop the Bleed” for Future K-12 Educators

How have recent school shootings impacted future K 12 educators and what new skills will help better prepare them for potential threats One study at the University of North Alabama combined training and research to answer this question

Find Chances to Make Positive Changes

Emergency preparedness and response professionals willingly insert themselves into many emergencies and disasters that they could have avoided in other professions However they use these opportunities to make positive changes and build resiliency within their communities


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