State Defense Forces: An Untapped Resource

With a high percentage of the U S active duty forces and Reserve and National Guard units as well now deployed overseas the nation 8217 s governors may be hard pressed to cope with in state disasters The SDFs provide a quick response low cost experience

First-Responder Accreditation: The Pros and Cons

States cities and the federal government are moving at flank speed to upgrade their various and varying domestic preparedness and counterterrorism capabilities But are they moving in lockstep and headed toward the same goal No one knows

Days of Reckoning: The Maximum Effort

In times of major disasters natural or manmade few if any hospitals or other agencies have the personnel and other resources needed to handle all the casualties But a good start can be made by planning ahead training working with other hospitals and

A Note From the Publisher

Responding to the whirlwind of change that has engulfed the field of domestic preparedness since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 DomPrep Com has revised and expanded its mission its audience and the scope of its coverage Readers 8217 comments

Protecting U.S. Ports: A Challenge of Staggering Magnitude

The U S Coast Guard the world 8217 s foremost lifesaving agency is facing probably the most difficult task that has ever confronted the multi mission service ensuring U S port security in the new age of terrorism Failure is not an option USCG resources

Business Continuity Planning Standards: A Search for Normalcy

Acceptance of prevailing standards often means we have no standards of our own. ~ Jean Toomer (1894 – 1967) U.S. author, poetWhat is a standard? More specifically, what is a Business Continuity (BC) standard? In general, standards provide preparedness models that private-sector organizations can use when they want to establish

Tokyo, Granitville, and Innocent Children

The killing tools available today are extremely lethal and not limited to the military forces of nation states but also available to an increasingly large number of terrorist groups

A Spiral of Hope for the First Responder Community

The terrorists behind 9 11 and other international crimes and the ill advised nations that support terrorism in various ways are counting on the so called 8220 spiral of fear 8221 to win their unending war against the free nations of the world


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