The 'Big Business' of Drug Smuggling

The U.S. Coast Guard and DHS’s Customs & Border Protection Agency have achieved some remarkable interdiction successes in recent years, but so have drug smugglers and cartels. New approaches, tactics, and equipment are needed – along with additional personnel – to achieve a more effective long-term solution to what is now a clear and present danger not only to addicts but to all Americans.

PTSD: The Front Lines of a New Conflict

The “save rate” of military personnel wounded in battle used to be extremely low. Now it is much higher, thanks in large part to better medicine and improved medical transport (ambulances and helicopters, primarily). However, one unanticipated result has been a huge increase in the survival of personnel suffering from brain injuries – and that situation represents a challenge not just to the wounded veterans, but to all Americans.

Lessons Learned: The Mass Shootings in Tucson

In the violent world of the 21st century, there is no way to absolutely guarantee the safety of any one individual – for example, a Congresswoman holding a press conference at a Safeway without security. But, if nothing else, the senseless shooting last year of U.S. Representative Gabriel Giffords and the deaths of six other innocent victims at least proved the efficacy of the nations still relatively new Incident Management System and the life-saving merits of Individual First Aid Kits.

Narcan: The Spray That Saves

First question: Should “everyday citizens” – however that term is defined – be given access to potentially harmful medications, including antidotes to dangerous narcotics? Well, perhaps. Second question: What if the medication also saves lives? Now the answer is a much more emphatic “perhaps”. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is working hard to come up with a more definitive answer.

DomPrep Goes Mobile

Busy practitioners need information and want to receive it as quickly as possible. DomPrep meets these requirements with its new Mobile Edition of Easier access and faster connection speeds, with no login or password required, are just a few benefits for modern smartphone users.
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