FEMA's New Planning Doctrine

Two new guidance documents further integrate emergency management planning efforts at the regional and national levels. The Federal Emergency Management Agency sets the stage for integrated planning and builds a coherent planning system by integrating the Threat and Hazard identification and Risk Assessment and providing valuable resources for national preparedness professionals.

Ebola - Another Opportunity to Plan & Prepare

Three previous public health articles in the November 2013, March 2014, and July 2014 issues of the DomPrep Journal broadly examined serious pathogenic threats that are emerging and evolving around the world to assess preparedness levels

Evolving Role of Healthcare Coalitions

Healthcare planning begins with partnerships that can break down walls to allow healthcare providers and their public health and emergency management partners to work together. The National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference brought together many of these stakeholders to promote strategies for regional healthcare readiness through healthcare coalitions.
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