Supply Chain Management

Three experts will present their insights and experience on managing a supply chain during a pandemic Areas discussed TECHNOLOGY How does technology enhance or complicate resilience and the supply chain RELATIONSHIPS How have relationships with customers and suppliers changed during the pandemic COLLABORATION How does federal state local tribal and

Law Enforcement’s Tsunami of Change 2021

Throughout 2020 many public institutions have been tested Many did not rise to the occasion and embrace the challenges Many did not exhibit the domestic preparedness stance that they spent years portraying law enforcement was no exception This podcast is the conclusion to a four part article series on The

COVID-19 Testing – What It Is & Why It is Important

In the age of COVID 19 community leaders and the public they serve are bombarded with news related to testing However many do not understand the value the results can provide to whom they should be given and the actions that are allowed and should be taken These questions need

Law Enforcement’s Perfect Storm 2020

Law enforcement is having a perfect storm with challenges in hiring challenges in retention and challenges with early retirement This podcast is a follow up to a discussion that began in January 2017 with Joseph Trindal Joe leads a team of retired federal state and local criminal justice officials providing

Bringing Calm to Chaos: HICS & the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact society hospitals and healthcare systems are facing a myriad of challenges Effective leadership is needed to ensure continued health care operations access to critical medications and personal protective equipment and overall viability of the health care system The hospital incident command system HICS

Hospital Resilience, Operational Perspectives From COVID-19

The concept of hospital resilience has changed in light of COVID 19 Despite planning and training for unexpected worst cast scenarios one key assumption was not consistent with this pandemic response that not everyone would be affected worldwide The traditional essential employees changed which left some gaps in filling the


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