Acceptable Loss: Presentations From Experts

The COVID 19 pandemic has raised many discussions on the topic of acceptable losses For community decision makers this is a difficult yet necessary issue to consider before making decisions that may have life threatening consequences Spurred by two articles and followed up with a nationwide survey and report this

What Happens in Vegas: Harvest Music Festival Mass Shooting

While much of the news media has been focused on the coronavirus pandemic violent incidents continue to occur throughout the United States The shutdown of sporting events schools concerts and other large events has led to an overall decrease in active shooter incidents In fact March 2020 was the first

Opioid Epidemic & Narcan’s Unintended Consequences

In 2017 the U S Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency related to the opioid crisis Indeed overdoses and deaths from opioids have skyrocketed over the past decade In 2017 deaths from opioids were six times higher than in 1999 Opioids impact the quality of

Pandemic Influenza: Advice & Suggestions From an Expert

With the myriad of threats that communities prepare for influenza pandemic is consistently at the top of the priority list In recent years strains such as H7N9 and H1N1 have caused concern among health officials It is no mystery why considering the 1918 influenza pandemic which infected over 500 million

Just Another Day in the Office for the United States Coast Guard

Watching the video of crew members from the U S Coast Guard USCG Cutter Munro board and interdict a self propelled semi submersible drug smuggling vessel on 18 June 2019 is exciting Their actions were heroic and highly productive Because of that bravery 39 000 pounds of cocaine and 933

Approach the Bench – Preparing Judges for Disasters & Emergencies

Underpinning any public health emergency response is a complex legal and regulatory framework Understanding the interplay between the legislative executive and judicial branches of government is key to ensure policies and actions are based on solid legal footing This podcast examines the role of the judicial branch and explores how


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