Community Preparedness for the Socially & Civically Isolated

Even before the COVID 19 pandemic about half of American adults reported feeling lonely A lack of engagement can have serious health effects for socially isolated individuals and implications for the work of emergency management professionals

Long-Term Care Facilities in Emergency Preparedness Planning

An important part of community emergency preparedness planning includes long term care facilities such as nursing homes dialysis home care centers or hospice facilities Plans must in place for these facilities to care for the residents in their care during emergencies

Creating a New Standard for Evaluating Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises are vital in preparing organizations to respond to critical incidents However an industry standard has not emerged on how to evaluate their effectiveness A new standard that implements quantitative and qualitative assessment tools is needed

Are Public Health Agencies Ready, or Just Prepared?

Is it time to retire the term public health preparedness and replace it with public health readiness When building emergency planning efforts and response capabilities jurisdictions and local health entities must reconfigure existing plans with the readiness factor in mind

Food and Agriculture Sector Perspectives

  The U.S. Food and Agriculture (FA) Sector is composed of complex production, processing, and delivery systems that can feed people and animals both within and beyond the boundaries of the United States. Beyond domestic food production, the FA Sector also imports many ingredients and finished products, leading to a

Challenges With Pediatric Mass Care Feeding

The national-level guidance on mass care feeding for state, local, tribal, and territorial organizations (SLTTs) comes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and is  sourced from their toolkits and the National Mass Care Strategy website, which provides a consolidated and comprehensive set of guidance material from governmental and nongovernmental mass care experts. The

Perfect Storm: Albuterol Shortage & Supply Chain Upset

As of 2020 albuterol was the seventh most commonly prescribed medication in the U S with more than an estimated 17 million patients receiving it and nearly 62 million prescriptions issued annually Albuterol is a short acting bronchodilator drug that helps treat or prevent respiratory issues by relaxing the smooth

Covenant School ‚Äď Reviewing Another Tragic Shooting

The Covenant School shooting is another reminder of active shooter trends This article reviews the chain of events from that tragic event post incident reviews and what communities are and should be doing to prepare for and prevent future active shooter incidents

Biosafety Laboratory Issues and Failures

Concerns regarding unexpected biological incidents and their public health implications were discussed in a 2014 Domestic Preparedness biosecurity and bioterrorism article From the improper possession and storage of decades old live smallpox virus in a former Food and Drug Administration laboratory lab on the National Institute of Health NIH campus

Hazmat on the Rail

Since February 3 2023 following the train derailment in East Palestine Ohio the public has closely followed reports and commentary by media outlets and elected officials This incident has become more controversial and publicized than others in recent years and has caused a public outcry for change

Guidance for Preparing Professionals Mentally for the Worst

  Professional groups have debated and researched the best practices relating to the standards and quality of care sufficient to maintain minimum standards during a disaster. Due to the fluid nature of a disaster, it is difficult to abide by a standard that will fit every situation. For example, the onset

A National Plan to Link Response and Recovery

In March 2023 FEMA published the Response and Recovery Federal Interagency Operational Plan Learn about this big step forward for the emergency management community the development and content of this new plan as well as the next steps for key stakeholders


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