Information Technology Sector Perspectives

The Information Technology Sector is one of 16 sectors identified as critical infrastructure under the Cybersecurity 038 Infrastructure Security Agency Domestic Preparedness invited subject matter experts to answer questions about this sector including how the sector and its interdependencies can affect any community

Emerging Technologies, Part 2 – Uncrewed Vehicles

Part 2 of a five part series on emerging technologies focuses on technologies designed to perform tasks and reduce human risk Find out more about these autonomous or remotely controlled machines designed to perform tasks without human operators direct involvement

Emerging Technologies, Part 1 – Information and Communication

This is Part 1 of a five part series on emerging technologies that can enhance the management of and response to future emergencies and disasters This part focuses on an all hazards emergency management approach and information and communication technologies

Water and Wastewater Sector Perspectives

The Cybersecurity 038 Infrastructure Security Agency defines the Water and Wastewater Systems Sector as one of 16 critical infrastructure sectors Read about this sector s numerous challenges in maintaining the high level of service necessary to the communities they serve

Planning for A Cross-Country Special Event

A solar eclipse is a unique form of special event that does not always fall under emergency planning protocols but it should This article urges preparedness professionals to collaborate with eclipse planning committees to ensure the safety and security of all those involved

Cybersecurity in Hospitals and the Public Health Sector

Cyberattacks on healthcare systems affect millions of patients each year It is critical for agencies and organizations to build a culture of compliance and awareness for the system s security and the safety of the patients

Beyond Registries: Better Solutions for People With Disabilities

Emergency planners often identify volunteer disaster registries as a solution for assisting people with disabilities during a disaster However registries have flaws Learn about eight common registry problems and the author s better solutions that should be considered

Three Puzzle Pieces That Increase Community Preparedness

This author reflects on his team s direct mission to New York in response to the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks commonly referred to as 9 11 to consider if communities are more prepared today than they were in 2001

Bioterrorism – Could Smallpox Return?

Although smallpox was eradicated from its human population and reservoir it is still in designated stockpiles controlled by two nations and possibly in other unknown locations Learn about the possible threat and the need for greater preparedness and discussion

Fireproofing the Future: Safeguarding Against Wildfires

July 2023 was the world s hottest recorded month in history Increasing heat events increase the risk of wildfires However good land and waste management practices can significantly prevent and mitigate the risk and consequences of these events

​​​Training for Hazardous Tasks in Virtual Environments

Being able to recreate complex hazardous materials incidents in a classroom setting teaches life saving lessons in a safe environment Advances in virtual and augmented reality training systems provide instructors with new tools to train the next generation of first responders

AI Partners – Filling Law Enforcement Experience Gaps

As the hiring gap in law enforcement widens agencies must find innovative solutions to maintain the experience and wisdom of their seasoned officers Artificial intelligence is one solution being explored to transfer this critical knowledge


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