Preparing the Next Generation for Increasing Disasters

Preparing the next generation of emergency preparedness and response professionals requires educational programs that teach critical thinking and life saving strategies Many programs and resources address these needs but more educational and collaborative opportunities should be considered to meet the growing needs

Challenging the Next Generation to Communicate Preparedness

No single communication solution can apply to every situation To better prepare the next generation of public safety professionals one professor is challenging young adults to develop social media messaging that reaches diverse populations and encourages action to protect lives and property during emergencies

A National Plan to Link Response and Recovery

In March 2023 FEMA published the Response and Recovery Federal Interagency Operational Plan Learn about this big step forward for the emergency management community the development and content of this new plan as well as the next steps for key stakeholders

Leader of the Pack ‚Äď Canine Detection

In the wake of a disaster time is critical for locating survivors and recovering bodies This type of work requires training skills and abilities acquired by canines due to their unique anatomy and physiology However there are key considerations before implementing K9 programs

Virtual Reality Training Revolution Is Here

The¬†click-through,¬†good-enough¬†training, ubiquitous in many organizations, is not good enough anymore. A¬†Harvard Business Review¬†article titled ‚ÄúWhere Companies Go Wrong with Learning and Development‚ÄĚ (L&D) discovered that only 12% of employees applied training from L&D programs to their work. The same article explains that hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually

The Pony Express Rides Again

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, health care providers and facilities, local jurisdictions, and state agencies struggled to acquire personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, gloves, gowns, and hand sanitizers, for their patients and staff. Supplies of these items were extremely low and getting them shipped proved

Maintaining a Strong Volunteer Force

Volunteers are a lifeline for many nonprofit organizations and for profit companies during emergencies and disasters However recruiting and retaining good volunteers can be difficult This article shares some simple strategies and tools for any emergency preparedness professional seeking to build and maintain a strong volunteer force

Find Chances to Make Positive Changes

Emergency preparedness and response professionals willingly insert themselves into many emergencies and disasters that they could have avoided in other professions However they use these opportunities to make positive changes and build resiliency within their communities

Avoiding the Complacency Trap After This Hurricane Season

Despite punishing hurricanes in Puerto Rico and Florida the 2022 season has been relatively quiet for much of the Gulf coast and Atlantic seaboard This article describes the resources that help communities mitigate risk now before the next hurricane season

The Role of Faith in Disasters

Many faith based organizations have disaster response and recovery components as major elements of their own missions By partnering with governmental and nongovernmental organizations faith based groups can coordinate locally to support response and restoration efforts as well as provide mental health and spiritual care when resources are critically needed

A Communicator’s Overview of a Large-Scale Exercise

A June 2022 exercise challenged amateur radio operators with establishing a Communications Unit with no power or pre positioned equipment The exercise was successful but the key takeaways are already helping to improve collaboration and communications throughout the region

Earthquakes & Pandemic ‚Äď Keeping People Fed Amid Crises

Even though food is necessary for survival it is not common to see agricultural workers at a disaster training exercise However one organization demonstrates why training these volunteers with emergency preparedness and response skills is essential for future large scale disasters


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